What equipment do I need to purchase for my child?

All players will be supplied with a helmet, shoulder pads, apractice jersey and a game jersey. You will need to purchase cleats, a colored (no white or clear) mouthguard with a strap, helmet chinstrap, practice and game pants with pads. Pants will be on sale at the fields during equipment handouts.

Do we practice in the rain?

YES! This is football! Go to the field according to your designated practice schedule, unless contacted by your head coach, team mom or JTAA before practice. We DO NOT practice if there is lightning. If the lightning detector goes off- ALL PARENTS, PLAYERS, COACHES AND VOLUNTEERS must wait IN THEIR VEHICLE until we receive the "all clear signal", only at that time practice may resume. The pavilion is NOT an acceptable wait area.

How can I volunteer?

Contact your head coach or team mom to find out available positions. All volunteers must submit a volunteer form to JTAA and pass the required background check prior to working with players. ALL families are required to volunteer at least 2 hours of their time per season in the concession stand. Your team mom will be organizing the schedule.

How much of a commitment is tackle football?

Our tackle football program is a very rewarding and fun experience, but it is a big commitment. For a player/team to be successful, a player must attend all practices and games, except when ill. Players and families must be committed to attending all practices and games, barring emergencies or illness. We understand that your child's education take a priority over athletics. With that in mind, please make sure your athlete is capable of handling a full school and sports schedule before committing to a season. Missing practices and games harms not only the player, but also the team.

How much time does tackle football require?

Practice begins August 1, 2019. During the month of August and the beginning of September practice is 10 hours a week, divided up between 4-5 days. After Labor Day practice will move to 6 hours a week, plus game time on Saturday. Typically younger teams play in the morning and older teams play in the afternoon. The Saturday regular season game schedule is about 8 weeks, ending in mid-October. Travel to 3-5 away games is typically required. 6U (Tiny Mite) does not have a post season. All other divisions may qualify for a post season leading up to the TCFC and SE Regional Championships running weekly until the end of November.